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Welcome to Mulan Manufactures Group.

Mulan manufacturing group is a professional manufacturer of metal parts, Customer plastic molding/injection mould making, metal casting, metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping and CNC precision machining in China. We focus on custom manufacturing, We have 7 professional engineers, in charge of plastic mold/injection mould, metal casting metal stamping etc.Professional analysis and evaluation of your products. We have 5 professional Quality control engineers, 10 English sales manager, We can serve 7*24 hours. Be professional with your products.

 Mulan have two large machining factories located in Shanghai, China, which have passed the examination and approval of iso9001-2015 standard and ISO/TS16949 and obtained the environmental protection production license of Shanghai government.We have been engaged in the machining industry for more than 10 years, and have participated in the procurement projects of many large international procurement companies, including auto parts, medical equipment parts, military parts, civilian product parts, etc. Mulan machine processing products are the best choice for international buyers.


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Mulan's Precision Sheet Metal Service .




We have experience with metal stamping with normal stamping dies, compound dies and progressive dies.
a) Size: any size according to customer’s requirement;
b) Material: Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Aluminum, etc;
c) Appliance: Locks,Windows, Battery contacts, Machinery, Home appliance, Electronic, etc.

Heat Treatment:
Include quenching, High-frequency hardening, quenched and tempered, tempering, carburizing, nitriding, carbo-nitriding, and so on.

Auto Stamping Parts, we do:
Single Station – Two Arm – Automatic Stamping;
Single Station – One Arm – Automatic Drawing;
Robotic Transfer, Multiple Station, Automatic Feeding from Roll;
Multiple Station, Flow Feeding System.

Normal Stamping:

CNC Stamping:

We also have capacities for Deep Drawing:
a) Size: Any size according to customer’s requirement
b) Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel casting china, alloy steel, aluminum, iron, copper, brass, etc
c) Surface treatment: Zinc,Chrome plated, powder coating, anodize, E-coating, etc